Know Before You Go

Canoe HIre Ireland

Know before you go

Your safety is your responsibility.

Safety & Security

The safety and security of your belongings is your responsibility.

The safety of others in your group is your responsibility.

Buoyancy jackets which are provided must be worn at all times while canoeing or near the river  –   IT’S THE LAW !

Helmets are also provided for your safety – you are advised to wear them at all time while on or near the river !


Paddle your own canoe does not provide insurance for Canoe Hire.  Therefore we accept no responsibility for injury, loss and or damage to you or your belongings.

If you require insurance this may be purchased as part of a Single Trip or Multi Trip Travel insurance policy. We highly recommended that you take out a policy that covers Canoeing up to level 3 grade waters.


If you are hiring a canoe on the Barrow you are expected to stay on the navigation.
East Bank from ATHY to CARLOW

Looking downriver – The East bank is on your left, The West bank is on your right.

Canal Locks & Weirs

When you come to a canal lock you must lift the canoe out of the water and carry it around the lock and put it back into the water again. Please be very careful doing this as the bank may be high and or slippy.

If you are bringing your canoe through a lock with the assistance of a lock keeper this should be done holding the canoe with a rope from the bank.

You are not permitted to take a canoe over a weir. Doing so is extremely hazardous and will probably lead to a capsize, injury and loss of belongings.

Barrels & Bags

You are responsible for all your belongings. Take particular care of electronic items.  The barrels and bags provided are not a guarantee against contact with water.  If you are particularly concerned that certain items stay dry please bring your own dry bag or container along.


If you bring it in – Bring it out
Take nothing but photos – leave nothing but footprints

Leave no trace applies.

 Plan your trip

Seek local knowledge, plan your route and the amount of time you expect it to take. It’s important to plan, prepare and equip yourself well. Have the right gear and skills required for the trip and always check the latest information about facilities you plan to use, and local track and weather conditions.
On the Barrow Journey, be aware that:

•    Once on the river, emergency communication is not always available. The phone signal from different providers varies along different stretches of the river.  Road access to the river is available on average every 5k.

•    The emergency numbers are 112 & 999 .

Camp fires

Lighting fires without the landowners consent is not recommended.

If for some reason you have to light a fire
•    Use an old or existing fire pit.
•    Keep fire far enough away from tents to prevent sparks setting the tents on fire.
•    Always put out a fire completely before going to sleep.

Outdoor Safety Code

To have a great time in the outdoors, know before you go the five simple rules of the Outdoor Safety Code to help you stay safe:
1.    Plan your trip
2.    Tell someone
3.    Be aware of the weather
4.    Know your limits
5.    Take sufficient supplies

Alcohol & Drugs

You should never drink alcohol prior to or during a canoe trip.

You should never be under the influence of drugs while responsible for yourself or others while canoeing.


A deposit of €100 against loss of or damage to our equipment is required with all bookings

AGE appropriate

Children should
•    be at least 6yrs of age
•    be able to swim 100m
•    be water confident
•    never be left alone or unaccompanied in a canoe / kayak
•    Minimum ratio of 1 adult to one child at all times

More information

Check for alerts with your provider before you set off
Paddle your own canoe
Phone:     +353 874140461